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Auditing (for single systems)

Small screenshot of Lynis security scan Lynis is a free and open source security and auditing tool. It runs on Unix, Mac and Linux based systems.

Main focus of Lynis is to detect vulnerabilities and configuration management weaknesses.

Lynis performs an in-depth local scan on the system and is therefore much more thorough than network based vulnerability scanners. It starts with the bootloader and goes up to installed software packages. After the analysis it provides the administrator with discovered findings, including hints to further secure the system.

Our security tool is already known to thousands of system administrators all over the world. Auditing Linux and Unix systems has never been so easy!

» Individual user
» System engineers
» Security professionals

  • Quick results, no installation needed
  • Powerful for single user
  • Free, open source
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Lynis Enterprise Suite

Auditing, hardening, compliance and reporting

Small screenshot of Lynis Enterprise interface Lynis Enterprise Suite is complete software suite for security auditing. It includes Lynis in the core.

Additional components include plugins, the management interface and extensive reporting options. With additional support and tools, integration within your IT environment is easy and smoothless.

The main goal of the product is to help you measuring your security efforts.

Lynis Enterprise provides the answer to what and how to improve your security defenses. It does so by using in-depth auditing and provide guidance during implementation.

The management interface allows you to quickly determine where to focus your time.

» Companies with 10+ systems
» Security Professionals
» Auditors