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About Rootkit

This website is a personal initiative of Michael Boelen. As an open source developer interested in information security, he created several tools like a malware detection software and Linux/Unix auditing software.


The primary 3 goals we want to achieve:

  • Spread open source software
  • Help people secure their machine
  • Protect their privacy


Michael is the founder of CISOfy, a company providing commercial support around open source tools. We build the best possible security solutions, so your work is simplified and security improved.

Focus on Unix and Linux

With a background in Unix and Linux based environments, all tools are specialized in this area. Where other tools support multiple different platforms, we apply the Unix principle: do one thing and do it well. This way we can support all Unix flavors and versions, so you benefit from the best possible knowledge. Our main audience are Chief Information Security Officers, IT managers, security professionals, (security) consultants and IT engineers.