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Michael Boelen


As part of my personal goal to share as much as possible with the world and it's people, an introduction about this website and myself is available for your information. If you feel in any way this information can bring you closer to one of your personal goals, please initiate the contact by filling in the contact form. I'm always interested to learn something about my visitors, readers and users!

The website

This website ( was registered as a personal domain, to be the basis for tools like Rootkit Hunter, Lynis and several smaller projects. Later on it was also used to document information security related subject and share personal study guides.

Dutch citizen

Being born in The Netherlands I'm one of the approximately 17 million Dutch citizens. Although the country itself is small, the Dutch people are famous for their great achievements, interesting people, special locations and activities. These include, but are not limited to, our trading skills, knowledge of dealing with water, The Hague Tribunal, Vincent van Gogh, wind mills, tulips and of course it's main capital Amsterdam. Regarding information security the Dutch haven't established a clear place on the world map (yet..).


My work involves several aspects of security management, a dynamic subject which involves company politics, law, regulations, a lot of technical aspects and different interests of stakeholders. Getting everyone happy and with acceptable risk levels and costs, I find security to be entertaining and a very interesting challenge! I have a special interest in processes, including checking, controlling and optimizing them. With my technical background, I'm able to quickly switch between processes, management and technical colleagues, able to tie everything together.

My experiences include dealing with small and international companies, unregulated ones to companies with focus on compliancy, risk management, security assessments and extensive usage of ITIL processes. Compliancy included to ISO27001, SAS70, SOx and PCI-DSS.

Roles I like to do include penetrationg testing, auditing, forensics, malware analysis and security management.

Career goals

Education is important for me, therefore I like to study as much as my spare time allows. Currently I'm pursuing additional certification within the field of security to gain a broader knowledge of the field, while still being a specialist as well. My current focus on certification is mostly related to auditing and penetration testing, like CISA, CEH and OCSP, GIAC GPEN. Only with continuous learning, I feel confident about my skills and related advice to others, to help their businesses and personal security.

Open Source

I'm a supporter of free open source software and author of two well known security tools: Rootkit Hunter (rootkit and malware detection) and Lynis (Unix security auditing).


Currently I also help others by mentoring them in areas like study and career goals. The relation we have is voluntary, open-minded and meant to learn bidirectional. Depending on the number of active mentees and time, I'm open to accept new mentees.


Want to know more? Meet me at security conferences, visit me when you are in The Netherlands or simply contact me by e-mail.

»Security: Security+, CISSP, CISA (endorsement remaining)
»Networking: CCNA, CCNA security
»Processes: ITIL
»Linux/Unix: LPI 1, LPI 2, LPI 3 core, Linux+, Ubuntu certified, Solaris 10 SCSA, Solaris 10 SCNA
»Storage: SNIA SCSP, SNIA SCSE, SNIA SCSA, EMC Foundations, NetApp NetApp Certified Data Management Administrator (NCDA)
»Virtualization: VMware VCP

Personal details
CountryThe Netherlands
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LinkedInMichael Boelen

Lynis Enterprise Suite

This website is also part of our mission to help individuals and companies to secure their systems and comply with regulations. As such, this website is additional guide for the open source community and our users of the Lynis Enterprise Suite:

Complete solution to audit, harden and secure your Linux/Unix environment.

  • Perform audits within a few minutes
  • Central management
  • Powerful reporting
  • Additional plugins and more tests

Lynis Enterprise screenshot
Lynis Enterprise Screenshot: Output of a customized implementation plan

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"A master piece of software and a must for every server admin." - Jose

"Happy installing Lynis on every server I install. Also made some changes for automation and having regular scans of the system. For several customers I made some custom checks on integrity." - Rick Voormolen

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